Monday, 30 August 2010

A life at the Grammar School

Mr. Davey is playing it cool,
6 years wasted in a plebian school.
Gagging always for the shift unattainable,
Eternal hypocracies of which unexplainable.
The Grammar School which he so desires
(aspires to be, and wholeheartedly admires)
Was once a place he abhorred and despised;
A place which was once the norm to deride.
But what could cause this sudden change of face
(as easy as it is to put him back in his place)?
Though many other factors certainly fed it,
Trinity College takes most of the credit.
It was here he found himself completely surrounded
By people more intelligent and extremely well grounded.
For Trinity College just equals the Grammar;
Pomp and splendour with a sprinkling of glamour.
This place, one would think, is somewhere he should hate.
But alas, dear friends, he couldn’t help but relate.
The pomposity he yearned for all his life,
The splendour keeping his dreams alight.
When asked for his opinion on his past,
He sat down and smiled, after appearing aghast.
For Mr. Davey was playing it cool.
“Though 6 years were wasted in a plebian school,
A life more fulfilled, of that I believe,
Than a life at the Grammar School could ever achieve.”


 This poem is basically about a friend of mine who went to a public school and has a major hangup on other students who had a private education. I find it hilarious that he has such strong opinions on the subject so I decided to write a parody about him :P


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